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cyberscape2001 asked:
MAN whats up do u remember me hello?


Anonymous asked:
How did you and piper meet?

Pie and I met like 5 years ago in the dirty city $c3n3. I was hanging out with her then boyfriend and she rocked up w/ her mate in red hair w/ an acoustic guitar. We then ventured out to a local halfway house for psychoactive substances for the gang. We’ve just been in the same social circles since.

Anonymous asked:
how do you make pie's hair grey?

Just to make it hard for y’all I’m just gonna tell you its bleached to fucked, then toned with a VIOLET BASED BLACK diluted in water. Silver shampoo for the maintenancez.

irresponsibl-e asked:
Stop saying I'm 12 I'm 13

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I am now seventy-eight years old, and have seen so many things during my lifetime. So many young people have died, so many people of my own age have died, so many old people have died. So many people that were high up have become low. So many people that were low have risen to be high up. So many countries have changed. There has been so much termoil and tragedy, so many wars, and plagues, so much terrible destruction all over the world. And yet all these changes are no more real than a dream. When you look deeply, you realize there is nothing that is permanent and constant, nothing, not send the tiniest hair on your body. And this is not a theory, but something you can actually come to know and realise and see, even, with your very own eyes.


-  Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche